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Yacht Charter Sailing In Mumbai And Goa

Dream of sailing on famous harbors of Mumbai and Goa in style? Blue Whale Water Sport Company can make it come true! We are the premier luxury yacht charter rental service provider who is backed by a team of dedicated and competent crew who value service towards customers above all. You can book various sail yachts from our extensive network of fleet including but not limited to Seabirds, Grand Soleil 45, Lagoon 560, J 21, J 24, Sun Odyssey and more.

We understand that the requirements of every client are not the same. With our services you always have the opportunity to customize different aspects with respect to your needs. Say, if you want to sail along with your partner to cherish some time alone, then we can help you in creating an exceptional romantic setting that lingers in your heart for a long time. Similarly, for family time we offer exciting water games for children, where they can nurture the essence of seawater.

Take Yacht Sailing in Mumbai To The Next Level

There is something about waters that makes you fall in love with it. The cool breeze uplifting your senses, the warm sun bathing down your stress or the scenic views that are a treat to watch, travelling on the waters of Mumbai is a delight in it itself. We take this experience to the next level with our well-maintained, feature-rich, and timeless sailing yacht.

With Blue Whale Water Sport you grab the best of:
  • Crewed Charters: Our crewed sailing charters have been the pinnacle of luxury that come with private space, gourmet delicacies and supportive crew who are there to help you at every phase of sailing.
  • Cabin Charters: We are the pioneer of cabin sail charters and have been offering thrilling options to our clients to let them explore amazing destinations on board on luxurious yacht and boats.
  • Bareboat Charters: Want to go on an adventurous sailing journey where you are on your own? Well, we are here to give that adrenaline pump with bareboat charters that let you be the master of your own yacht.

To confused with various options and are not sure which one would be suitable for you? Contact us and our professionals will be right back to help you select the ideal sail yacht in Mumbai and Goa, things to expect when you arrive, the local customs, various steps that should be taken for enjoyable sailing experience and connecting with our local operators.

Bespoke Packages with Sailing Charter in Goa

We let you access the finest sailing yachts that match your on-board comfort expectations, number of individuals you want to accommodate, crew configuration, vacation objectives or preferences and competitive pricing with quotes on request. Our on board professionals share their local knowledge about the coastline of Goa and Mumbai, informing what qualities make them different from the rest of the world.

Say yes to sailing with our remarkable services that are driven by industry-experts who come up with the solutions that are suitable for you.

Lagoon 560

The Lagoon 560 is well-equipped with best amenities and facilities to make your vacation blissful and enchanting. This 55ft sail yacht can accommodate around 20 persons along with 3 crew members.

Sun odyssey 54 Ds

This is a very special Sail yacht for hire that offers you utmost luxury. You can indulge in the luxury such as en-suite bathroom, teak wood bedroom, fully functional kitchen, min-bars, pantry, DVD and TV.

Grand soleil 45

This awe-inspiring Grand Soleil 45 brings you the best sailing experience through light and strong wind. You can enjoy the spectacular views of the ocean and also indulge in luxury with its capacious cabins.

Macgregor 26s

With roomy cabins and luxurious amenities blue whale Macgregor 26s sail boat brings you the best services & facilities. It can hold about 6 to 7 persons & this is the best way to spend a time.

J 24

This fast sailing boat from us brings you the real excitement of sailing. No matter how you sail, you can enjoy great pleasure and the flush decks offer you comfortable space for sunbathing and lounging.


We bring you the best boats J21 sail boat to provide safe and happy sailing. This sail boat can accommodate 6 to 7 sailors and best suited for a short boating experience in the ocean.

Maxi 7.7

This fully equipped teak wood boat is the best option to learn sailing. This sail yacht has closed luxurious cabins with upper sitting deck. You can enjoy music while sailing. It can accommodate 2 to 8 persons.


This comfortable sail boat is best suited for day cruising. You can enjoy a blissful day sailing in this comfortable boat. It can hold 4 persons and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the oceans in Mumbai.